Our Human Pharmacokinetics Database provides valuable information on structure, ADME properties, AUC, bioavailability, distribution, half-life and clearance of

  • US FDA approved drug molecules
  • Candidate compounds under clinical trials
  • Preclinical and discovery molecules

Information with regards to experimental value details, study population, study design, dose schedule, formulation, PK calculation method, etc of approved drugs, candidates and discovery molecules are indexed in a customized fully searchable format.

Our Patent Litigation Database provides an analytical insight of US patent infringement actions.

The product will be helpful to

  • Examine patents which have been litigated
  • Assess potential risk/threat from a patent
  • Stay updated with patent litigations in US

Product is a fully searchable database with insights on plaintiffs, defendants, filing date, etc.

Indian Trademark Database provides complete trademark information

Key features of the product includes
  • Details on list of goods and services
  • Provides information on national and international classification
  • Details regarding owner and agent are captured
  • Complete information with regards to date of application/registration/renewal/withdrawn and expiry
  • The Indian Patent Database covers Indian Patents from 1912 to current data.
  • Patents since 2013 to current date are manually curated by domain experts and available in PDF and XML formats.
  • PDF data coverage is available starting from 1912 to current date
  • The Database is updated every 15 days.
  • Competitive pricing per structure/record based on your query of our databases
  • Flat pricing for the complete database
  • Fixed price for annual updates and maintenance

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