We discover and disseminate large volumes of data into insightful fragments to support decision for research and development in science, technology and engineering enterprises.   Our custom curation services include indexing and abstraction from patents / journals / books and data mining or data entry from patents / journals / books / thesis.   We have proven expertise to curate biomedical and clinical trial data from journals / clinical trial registers/ conferences/ regulatory authorities and other possible sources.   We are experienced in curation, indexing, abstraction and analysis of the following data.
  • Patents and journals data from Life sciences, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, healthcare and Engineering
  • Organic reactions and reaction experimental procedures data
  • Chemical structures and SAR data
  • Drug and Clinical candidates data
  • Pre-clinical and clinical trials data curation for data analyses and interpretation (Pharmacometrics)
  • Pharmacokinetic and toxicity data
  • Clinical pharmacology data
Our Data Analytics services offer a hybrid approach to combine and analyse data from a variety of sources; derive insights and create new solutions to answer your queries. We build algorithms, models, tools and data visualisation engines to intuitively query integrated data structured to eliminate information siloes. We have proven expertise to build prediction algorithms and models to analyse genomic data from next generation sequencing and annotate epigenetics data. We offer big data and predictive analytics solutions to academic researchers, clinical data scientists, precision medicine and healthcare AI startups. Some of successful projects include real time analytics and visualisation of medical device data; interpretation of systems biology models to better understand disease mechanisms and biological pathways.
Our Publishing and Document Management services to scientific data management providers and scientific information providers include
  • Indexing, Abstraction and Data mining (double keying)
  • Content creation, development, enrichment and management services
  • Digitization, Conversion & Repository Services
  • Extraction or Index bibliographic metadata development from academic, research,  industry journals and conferences or any source of scientific information
  We collaborate with patent/journal database providers to
  • Add value to their current products
  • Develop new products jointly
  • Improve internal data management practices
We help you to reduce the development cost and time, minimizing the payback period.
Our Patent Search for corporate legal teams, tech transfer offices, government agencies and law firms is focused on quality, efficiency and affordability. Our search expertise, range of databases and advanced search tools ensure high quality output. Our reports are customized according to the needs of every client to meet their legal and technical requirements. We also provide detailed interpretation of prior arts to validate each invention. We deliver within agreed timelines for better and timely decisions. We provide direct access to our patent researchers and analysts to ensure all your queries are addressed in a responsive and consultative manner. We believe that a patent search is both an art and science and creativity is the key to find what others miss. We protect valuable IP assets through
  • State of the art/novelty/patentability searches
  • FTO/clearance/infringement/invalidity searches
  • Markush (chemical structure)/Sub-structure  searches
  • Support for First to File/Para IV business strategies
  • 180 days exclusivity, ODE, NDA and NCE evaluation
  • Patent portfolio
  • Non-English  patent searches
  • Non-Patent searches
  • Bio Sequence searches