Dedicated FTE on Monthly basis for Indexing and Abstraction services

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We summarize and index research articles, journals, patents and other technical documents with descriptive keywords.
Advantages of FTE Collaboration.
1.) The FTE is your dedicated resource who will undertake all activities as provided by you. He is an extension of your team and will adhere to all your systems and processes
2.) Flexibility to modify work and alter work flow to suit your requirements
3.) Customize search methodologies and reports to suit your requirements
4.) Flexibility to terminate at will and use FTE to meet unexpected work demands and tight deadlines

An FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) means 1 (one) curation analyst, fully allocated for offering custom curation and analytics services for the client exclusively working at least 40 (forty) hours per week corresponding to an average of at least 180 (one hundred and eighty) hours per month. The analyst will be supervised by a Project Manager with many years of industrial experience. A dual reporting structure ensure continuity and prompt communication.
The entire communication process will be through secured e-mails, regular progress reports, teleconferences, videoconferences and periodic face-to-face meetings as per your requirements. At Saturo Global, we are trained to maintain transparent and data driven communication on the status of the ongoing projects. The progress report and tele conference shall be weekly or biweekly based on your requirement.


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